urMus - Audio and Media Interactions and Interfaces on Mobile Phones


Android Version 1.0+ is out!!

Author: Georg Essl
Current versions: 1.0+ (see github, iPad/iPhone universal), 1.0.0beta (Android only)
Platform(s): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

urMus is a meta-environment for live and interactive application design and programming on and for multi-touch mobile devices such as the iPhone. Rather than trying to offer one interaction paradigm (such as text input or graphical patching), urMus offers a way to create many different interactions, user interfaces and media experiences. It uses the fast script language Lua as a higher level language to allow suitable abstractions for interaction and interface design. It offers multiple routes to design interactions. Currently urMus offers a core engine for 2D graphical user interface and multi-touch interaction design. This allows virtually any interactive user interface to be realized in urMus using lua interface APIs familiar from computer games. It also offers a multi-rate multimedia data flow pipeline called urSound designed for on-the-fly patching of interactive multi-media data stream.

urMus is accessible at multiple levels. At the most basic level it offers core functionality in C/C++. At a higher abstraction in the Lua there is access to APIs for UI design and interaction-driven events as well as the ability to create and modify multi-rate media data flow. At the highest level a user interface can be fully interactive hence one can design complex interactions without typing or accessing scripts.

urMus is primarily a research platform. It allows for design-by-modification and hence allows to quickly prototype mobile interactions for user studies. It is also set up to help support research into creativity discovery and support. However urMus can also be used for creative expression, mobile musical instrument design, rapid game prototype development and pedagogy. It has already been used in a class at the University of Michigan on mobile musical instrument design.

urMus github repository for iOS (>v1.0) (fresh bugs and features! Requires XCode and Dev License)
download urMus for Android (v1.0.0)
[27.03Mb Android apk install]
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download Soar on iOS
(see urAPI.h for instructions how to co-compile)

School of Music, Theatre & Dance - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - University of Michigan