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Mailing Lists

Current version: 0.1.0alpha (finally available)!!
Platform(s): iPhone, iPod Touch (maybe more soon)

For now mailing lists are the primary means of discussion, getting feedback, asking for help and all that. Find the best fitting urMus mailing list below.

  • urMus (subscribe inside!) [archive]:

    The general urMus mailing list. This will be the place for announcements, important changes, and high level discussion. Detailed discussions should either go into the users or dev mailing lists.

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  • urMus-users (subscribe inside!) [archive]:

    The place for everybody who uses urMus. If you have questions, suggestions, feedback, wishes regarding the use of urMus, this is the place to post about it.

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  • urMus-dev (subscribe inside!) [archive]:

    The place for folks who develop urMus or develop with urMus. Technical bug reports, technical discussion of implementations and features, engine evolution and so forth should go here!

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